We cannot transition successfully to a bioeconomy-oriented world relying on the educational materials we have at this moment.

To engage with young people and raise their interest in the bioeconomy, the BioCannDo project has launched the “Think Biobased Challenge”. This initiative will encourage the development of learning tools that draw students’ attention to learn more about the biobased economy.

The competition is open to all college and university students willing to take the challenge and design educational materials catered to primary and secondary school students. These teaching materials have to be readily used and must be produced in English (and in the participant’s local language if he/she is a non-native English speaker).

The competition is open until 1 February 2019.

A panel of bio-economy experts will reward the most creative and innovative teaching modules with a money prize of 3,000 for each educational grade level (i.e.: the top three entries will get a money price within respectively primary, secondary and vocational training grade).

No limitations, no constraints: it’s all about being creative and getting youngsters to “think bio-based”!

For more information and submit materials, visit www.coebbe.nl/wat-is-biobased/biobased-challenge/   or click here to download the flyer.