We will take a closer look on three educational resources now and see how they contribute to a better understanding of the Biobased Economy within primary schools.


Bio-based Lesson Set – the Netherlands
In this lesson kit (currently available in Dutch) young students in the age of ten to twelve are being introduced to the opportunities that bio-based materials offer. Integrated in the lesson set are practical teacher handouts movies to be shown in classes and real chemical tests the students can do. Through this set pupils can get to know the fundamentals of bioplastics, natural fibers, bio colours and bio energy.



Biobased Game – multiple countries
“Bio…What?” is an online game developed by the BIOWAYS project that raises young generations’ awareness on the bio-economy, stimulates curiosity and delivers information and content about bio-based products. Throughout the game, the player discovers how different raw materials and feed-stocks can be used to produce everyday objects and products like furniture, food packaging, vehicle tires, toys, textile products, office supplies and more.



Biobased Comics – Germany
The “Bauer Hubert” story about renewable row materials (currently available in German ) is a comic narrated in an understandable, attractive way. It offers an enriching and playful way for young students to learn about alternatives to fossil based materials.