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Clear, scientifically sound messages about bio-based products to engage citizens

The context

Europe’s economy is largely dependent on fossil resources, which are used for chemistry and energy and all kinds of everyday products. But these resources are scarce and using them can harm the environment and our climate. The use of biomass from agriculture, forestry and marine resources offers a way out of our dependency on fossil resources. A transition from the fossil-based economy to a new bioeconomy will hopefully make Europe more sustainable, boost growth and create jobs. Most people, however, are not aware of this opportunity.


The Bioeconomy Awareness and Discourse Project (BioCannDo) aims to increase awareness of bio-based products – products partly or wholly made of biomass. The project will develop and distribute communication and educational materials about the bioeconomy and bio-based products: articles, videos, information sheets and other items for a general audience. We also facilitate access to trustworthy resources through our website: AllThings.Bio.
Our goal is to develop clear, scientifically sound messages about bio-based products that can be easily understood by a general audience. We aim to increase acceptance of bio-based materials and engage EU citizens in the new bioeconomy.


The BioCannDo project started in October 2016 and ended in September 2019.
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Project coordinator

FNR – Fachagentur Nachwachsende Rohstoffe e.V.

BioCannDo Deliverables

D2.6 – Project presentation and leaflet
D2.7 – Communication recommendations to BBI JU
D3.1 – Virtual Map – 1st version
D3.3 – Virtual Map – 3rd updated version
D3.10 – Periodic Webinar n° 1
D3.11 – Periodic Webinar n° 2
D3.12 – Periodic webinar with networking partners
D4.1 – Infohub kick-off: website and social media accounts operational
D4.5 – Recommendations to the BBI JU on effective content formats to future projects
D5.4 – Report on 1st Workshop and Focus Group – Case Study 1
D6.1 – Mapping report on educational actors, materials and programmes
D5.5 – Report on 2nd Workshop and Focus Group – Case Study 2
D5.6 – Report on 3rd Workshop and Focus Group – Case Study 3

BioCannDo organises a series of webinars

Who are we?

We are a consortium of organisation with a wide range of expertise, from technical knowledge of renewable resources to the development of educational resources. Our team also includes strategic consultancies and research communication experts.

Fachagentur Nachwachsende Rohstoffe e.V. 
BTG – Biomass Technology Group BV
Prospex bvba
MNEXT (Centre of Expertise Energy and Material Transition)

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