Insights from BioCannDo

A Practical Guide to Communicating about bio-based products

In BioCannDo, we want to share with you the insights we gathered on communicating effectively about the bioeconomy. We have developed and tested out a set of key messages that you can use and refer to regarding the different categories of the bio-based products.

Storytelling kits

Other than key messages, we also see the efficacy of storytelling and we have created several interactive storytelling kits. The first piece is a generic introduction to the category, while the rest are collages of the categories of bio-based products covered in BioCannDo (cleaning products, insulation materials and food packaging). Our story telling kits serve as your guide in building up an open dialogue with your audience regarding bio-based products.

Bio-based food Packaging

Catering | Home

Bio-based Insulation Materials

Construction | Home

Bio-based household cleaning products


The AllThings.Bio Slideshow

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