The episode of 14 January 2018 focused on Southwest Netherlands, a region harbouring many agrifood, horticultural and chemical companies. Doe Maar Duurzaam shows what a biobased economy entails, how this can be achieved and how biobased materials are being applied. Many practical examples from around the region are highlighted.


The first part of the documentary features selected actors promoting the regional bio-economy in SW Netherlands (featuring Stichting Biobased Delta, Centre of Expertise Biobased Economy – CoEBBE, and Natuurvezel Applicatie Centrum). It emphasises the many types of biomass feedstocks available in the region, biobased products, applications, added value and specific advantages. It also shows footage of the biobased product exhibitions at Bio Base Europe Training Center and at CoE BBE. In the second part practical examples of the application of biobased products in house construction and in road infrastructure (asphalt, bridges, street furniture) is illustrated.