Are you annoyed by the amount of packaging that comes with food? Do you know that food packaging can also be bio-based? 

Test your knowledge and try out our quiz to know more.

Word of advice: Some questions may have multiple answers!

What types of food packaging can be bio-based? (Please select three answers)
Are all bio-based food packaging also biodegradable?
What special property does bio-based packaging offer compared to conventional containers?
Are bio-based packaging materials as safe for food contact as conventional ones?
How much packaging waste do EU citizen produce on average in a year?
How do bio-based materials contribute to making food packaging more sustainable? (please select three answers)
What is the best way to dispose of bio-based plastic packaging?
How much land is needed to grow the feedstock (e.g. corn, sugar cane) necessary to produce the bio-based plastics which is consumed in the world nowadays?