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Ho do bio-based lipsticks perform?


Plants and minerals to clean the house


A mug for the environment


Bio-based t-shirts get tested


Bio-based household cleaning products


To realise the transition to a bio-based economy, we need professionals!

Catering | Clothing | Construction | Energy | Gardening | Home | Transport

Cork – High-tech flooring from nature

Construction | Home

What's on

Upcoming bioeconomy events across Europe

World Bio Markets

Amsterdam, NL
20 March 2018

Amsterdam will soon host the 13th edition of World Bio Markets, one of the main events in the bioeconomy field.

Global Bioeconomy Summit 2018

Berlin, DE
19 April 2018

Innovation, growth and sustainable development

EUBCE 2018

Copenhagen, DK
14 May 2018

26th European Biomass Conference and Exhibition – The largest gathering of biomass experts

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