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Quiz#5 – Bio-based food packaging

Bio-based food Packaging

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BioCannDo announces the winners of the Think Bio-based Challenge.

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Would you wear clothes made from poo, and other agricultural waste?


Bio-based beverage cartons

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Quiz #4 – Bio-based or biodegradable: that is the question!

The AllThings.Bio Educational Resources database is now online!

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The many ways of turning coffee waste into valuable materials and products

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What's on

Upcoming bioeconomy events across Europe

5th Webinar for the Communication of Bio-Based Products

10 May 2019

BioCannDo organises a webinar for educators involved in developing and/or teaching bio-based (online) educational materials or programmes in Europe.

12th International Conference on Bio-based Materials

Cologne, DE
15 May 2019

What can we learn from the evolution of the bioeconomy? Hear from the people behind the industries working on the latest bio-based technologies and materials.

The role of communication and education to promote changes in purchase habits and increase the adoption of bio-based products

Helsinki, FI
08 July 2019

Communication is key in promoting the acceptance of the bioeconomy. Lessons and best practices will be discussed at the workshop to be held during the “European Bioeconomy Scene” conference in Helsinki, Finland.

European Summit of Industrial Biotechnology

Graz, AT
18 November 2019

Discover how the future of bioproduction will look like by 2020 at this year’s European Summit of Industrial Biotechnology in Graz, Austria

14th European Bioplastics Conference

Berlin, DE
03 December 2019

Re-connect with political and professional stakeholders regarding the latest discoveries and market trends on bioplastics in Europe

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