Bio-based materials: the renewable future

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Factsheets and slideshow on bio-based insulation materials and the Bioeconomy

Bio-based Insulation Materials

Construction | Home

3D printed bioplastic: the future of construction?


Quiz 2 – Gear up and test your knowledge on biofuels!

Back to school: go sustainable and renewable


Linking Bioeconomy with United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals

Clothing | Home

Festival footprints – towards more sustainable, circular and bio-based festivals

Catering | Sustainability

Factsheet #1: Key messages about Bio-based Cleaning Products


What's on

Upcoming bioeconomy events across Europe

BioCannDo Networking Webinar #4 on the Communication of Bio-Based Products

24 October 2018

The first BioCannDo online webinar dedicated to all stakeholders that want to engage with others and learn more on how to communicate the benefits of the bioeconomy.

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