Bio-based materials: the renewable future

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Demonstrating biocomposites’ properties using Bio-Bridges


Bio-based houses are seducing Latin America

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Netherlands Enterprise Agency publishes multimedia slideshow and facts and figures on bio-based and biodegradable plastics

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Compostable bag from agricultural waste

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Linoleum – Natural flooring since 1860


Simplifying hospital waste with bio-based disposables

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Where to find bio-based products?

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How do bio-based lipsticks perform?


What's on

Upcoming bioeconomy events across Europe

3rd Educational Webinar on Educational Community of Practice

07 June 2018

BioCannDo organises a webinar for educators involved in developing and/or teaching bio-based (online) educational materials or programmes in Europe to share their thoughts on the “gap” of the bioeconomy education in Europe.

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