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Good shoes take you good places – the rise of bio-based footwear


Making clothes from milk


How to dispose of bio-based plastics?


Discovering the “third generation” of bioplastics

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What's on

Upcoming bioeconomy events across Europe

BBI JU Bio-based Show ‘Made in Europe’

Bruxelles, BE
27 September 2017

The BBI JU walking exhibition is an innovative and engaging way to show how everyday objects can have bio-based ingredients

Info-Day Horizon 2020 Bioeconomics

Den Haag, NL
28 September 2017

The Info-day will focus on the outcomes and impacts of various bioeconomy projects of the European Framework Program, especially exploring how European research can generate added value.

MOOC Biobased Economy

02 October 2017

The MOOC Bio-based Economy Introduction offers the opportunity to learn more about bio-based in an interactive way.

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