In a previous article about Educational resources for primary schools we had some excellent examples of educational resources within primary schools. This time we stepped up a notch and found two examples of resources for secondary school students.


Workshop bio energy – Germany

Those who want to escape their classrooms can head to the ‘Landeszentrum für erneuerbare Energien in Neustrelitz, Germany. There, students can participate in one of its many biobased workshops taking place simultaneously in one large laboratory-space (currently available in German). In the workshop bio energy students explore various forms of energy, construct small power plants based on renewable raw materials and learn how to convert energy and why energy conservation makes sense.


Algae for life – the Netherlands

Experimenting can also be done in your own classroom. Take, for example, the module ‘Algae for life’ from the Dutch Wageningen University (available in Dutch). The module teaches teenagers (15-18yr)  via a biological approach and a few experiments on how plant life can ultimately be used in energy transition. Included in the module are practical assignments and a final test, which can be a resource for teachers to use in their classes.