Have you ever come back from the supermarket and thought to yourself: is all this food packaging really necessary? If your recycling bin seems to be always full of food packaging, then you’re in the right place to learn more.

Almost all food that we buy, especially processed food, comes packaged. It’s a safe and reliable way to sell it. Unfortunately, most food packaging is designed to be single-use and is typically thrown away rather than reused or recycled. Moreover, the trouble with food packaging begins at its production: it requires a lot of resources and its manufacturing generates polluting emissions. So, how can we disentangle ourselves from all this information?

Thanks to our experts, Harald Käb, bioeconomy consultant, Tim Bulters, circular economy expert and partner of AllThings.bio, and Marjolein Mann, circular economy policy adviser, the journalist Stephen Jones seeks to answer the most intricate questions behind food packaging.

What’s bio-based food packaging? Who should promote the shift to it? Is recycling an alternative? Which are the future and the evolution of the packaging sector? In this second episode, our speakers will clarify some aspects of the food packaging chain and give recommendations to help consumers make conscious choices.