If there’s one thing for sure, our individual taste in clothes is as varied as our taste in food – no two days are ever quite the same.
It’s that sense of personal style and identity that the fashion industry both creates and responds to. And the bioeconomy presents opportunities for sustainability and circularity to become fashionable too.

However, it can be challenging for consumers to juggle so much information: the different materials, fabrics and fibres, the supply chain, the importance of recycling and buying send-hand.

Our guests try to unravel such topics to help us become more conscious buyers. This episode hosts Lotta Waesterberg Tomasson from V&A, Katya Komlach, tour guide of the Fashion for Good museum, Anna Pellizzari who works at Materially, a sustainable materials consultancy, and Annarita Colasante, academic and researcher in behavioural economics at Università La Sapienza.

And finally, why should we call it bio-circular fashion, as in our title? You’ll learn it in the podcast.